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Moen vs Delta: A Kitchen Faucets Read

So it's moen vs delta on your finalist of kitchen faucets. What does each brand have to offer, and how do they differ? Here's a precise comparison.

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Moen vs Delta

Prior to a faucet purchase, you should look at…

It is frustrating to find a trustworthy company to whom you can commit, for as long as it takes. So, of course, you need to get your hands on all the information about the best possible brands, about how their products fare over times and about how they support their customers.

In this particular article, we will discuss something that has been considered "a hot topic" by me and lots of plumbing fixture enthusiasts: Moen vs Delta - which is better?

But why just Moen and Delta? Because the two brands are what they called "the behemoths of the industry". It's a logical thing that we devote a whole article just for them - they are simply too big and too interesting.

Moen vs Delta kitchen faucets: A brief comparison




- 4 Basic shades- Spot > fingerprints resistance tech

- 4 basic shades + 10 altered shades- Tarnish, stain, scratch > odor resistance tech

Hands-free innovation

- Complete touchless experience

- Minor touch required

Spray off food

- Strong force but less splash- Use less water

- Water shield prevent splatters- Might use more water

Moen vs Delta: Finish

Most Moen and Delta faucets have various finish options, including 3 most standard: chrome, bronze, and matte black. The 2 companies also have their signature stain, scratch resistance coating technology. Though Delta offers more color choices, adding different shades to their collection, Moen does not offer any less utilities from their parts.

I know there are many who don’t even consider finishes as a buy-or-not criteria. Still, researching on product finishes may prove to be worthwhile, especially if you like your kitchen clean and easy to clean.

Moen: Spot Resist™

Besides chrome, bronze and matte black, customers can choose to have Moen’s products with their exclusive finish technology: Spot Resist™ (available with Stainless and Brushed Nickel finishes.) Prevention of water spots and fingerprints is pretty much guaranteed, saving you a huge amount of time spent on cleaning. And when you do need to clean, there won’t be much build-up.

If you are still in doubts of its practicality, you shouldn't be. According to lots and lots of customer reviews, there haven’t been any bothersome reports regarding the technology, which likely means that it really does what it’s supposed to do.

Delta: Brilliance® and SpotShield® Finishes

Delta and Moen are 2 major competitive brands on the kitchen fixture market. It is truly of no surprise that Delta kitchen faucets have their own technology to keep them free of stain.

On one hand, Delta’s Brilliance® finishes are to prevent faucets from discoloration and tarnishing. It is tested against 100 household cleaners and seen to remain scratchless from steel wool scouring. On the other hand, SpotShield® will reduce stain and odor with its antimicrobial protection, leaving you with a long-lastingly spotless faucets.

Both of these features are available across Delta’s collections. Looking for them when you attempt a buy will definitely be of use.

Delta vs Moen: Utility Tech

The 2 brands possess a wide variety of faucet models, from pull out/pull down to low arc, two handle designs. I’d wager you won’t find any problem finding a faucet that suits your kitchen sinks and needs

Both Moen and Delta have developed their distinctive technologies to help residential households solve their kitchen problems. Let’s take a look at what they have for us.

Touchless is The Cleanest

It's probably one of the most annoying things when you have to turn the water on/off with your stuff-coating hands. It is so hard to clean the handle sometimes. Touch2o® by Delta should solve that. With Touch2o®, simply touch anywhere on the faucet with any part of your arms, or even your body, to control the faucet.

If you don’t like touching the faucet at all to control the flow, MotionSense™ is the perfect alternative. Moen developed this technology, understanding customers’ demands and the pleasure of using "the Force" in the kitchen. To activate the water, one needs only be present to the sensors by waving above the faucet's neck or putting your hands in front of its base.

Cleansing Sprays

Several types of food require soaking and scrubbing to completely get rid of them. ShieldSpray™ from Delta allows you to shoot whatever sticking onto your dishes right off with a jet-like water stream. Adding to that, it also takes care of the potential splashing with a water shield, containing the splatters inside.

Moen faucets also let you take care of food remains by powering them off with Power Clean™. Instead of using a water shield, it simply uses less water to spray out concentrated streams, resulting in less splashing but with more force. 50% more spray power (compared to Moen faucets without the technology) are to be expected.

Customer service and big box retail

Both companies have had their fair share of good and bad reviews on their customer service. Some said Moen failed to deliver replacement parts, some said Delta did the same. Where some claimed customer service from Moen was friendly and precise, Delta received similar praising feedback.

However, subjectively, it does feel like that in recent years, customers have been favoring Delta over Moen. Reasons remain to be discussed.

Another thing, when you intend on a buy, you might want to pay a visit to the review section of your retailer of choice. There are quite a few unsatisfied responses towards big boxes service and how certain parts are replaced with ones made of plastic. Not that it happens every single time, but the topic comes up too often to be neglected.

Final thoughts

Overall, Moen and Delta are undoubtedly two top brands in their range of prices. They are competitive with each other, both in style and innovation, which is always a great thing for consumers.

Both offer efficient solutions to our kitchen problems from their own angles; both provide favored services that amuse and ease the process of spending money.

It is truly a difficult task to put one company up on the other.