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Ice Makers

We test dozens of Ice Makers for performance, usability, and design. Here’s our test procedure and detailed reviews.

#Bullet Ice Maker

What makes a great portable ice bullet maker? Our hands-on testing reveals all. Find out how we test and grade countertop ice machines.

Our Bullet Ice Maker Reviews

The Silonn Countertop Ice Maker SLIM01 with a basket of ice toppled over in the front and a shelf in the background with numerous other ice makers.
Overall Score: 7.6
Test Method v1.0
The AGLucky Ice Maker HZB-12/B pictured against a white background.
Overall Score: 7.9
Test Method v1.0
Igloo Portable Ice Maker In-depth Review
Overall Score: 6.2
Test Method v1.0
The Vivo Home countertop ice maker with a full basket of ice in front and the ice scoop to the side with ice bullets scooped inside.
Overall Score: 8.4
Test Method v1.0
The EUhomy portable ice maker on a countertop with its lid open and a basket of ice in front and ice laying along the side to meet the ice scoop on the right.
Overall Score: 7.3
Test Method v1.0
The Crownful ice maker on a countertop next to its box and a full basket of ice in front.
Overall Score: 6.6
Test Method v1.0

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